#NaturaJazz is an annual cultural event organized by the Autonomous Body for Museums and Centers (Organismo Autónomo de Museos y Centros – OAMC – in Spanish) of the Island Council (Cabildo) of Tenerife and promoted by the Museum of Nature and Mankind (Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre), that combines displays of nature photography with live jazz concerts. In each edition, there is a call for interested parties to exhibit photographic images within two categories: on one hand, the Official Section, for extensive and specialized photographic works and, on the other hand, the Amateur Section, aimed at people who wish to share their image(s) of nature.


The contest rules for the selection of photographic projects for the 5th EDITION OF “#NATURAJAZZ PROJECT. FESTIVAL OF JAZZ AND NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY ” (#NaturaJazz 2018), are as follow:

1. Theme.

The general theme for the 5th Edition of the “#NaturaJazz Project. Festival of Jazz and Nature Photography” (#NaturaJazz 2018) is nature photography in all its forms, excluding human figures and environments created or transformed by human beings, although these may appear in exceptional circumstances if they do not detract from the aspects of nature photographed and instead help to clarify aspects of an image’s context.

2. Submission of application form and preliminary projects.

Participants in the contest #NaturaJazz 2018 must complete the application form as per the Appendix Template of these Rules, which is also available on the website The form can be completed in Spanish or English and must be submitted along with the project drafts, i.e. a set of twenty (20) images representative of the project as a whole. All of these documents must be uploaded on the platform of the website

Application forms and project drafts should be submitted from the day after publication of the call and rules on the website, until 10:00pm (GMT) on March 30, 2018.

Images must be sent as JPG files, with 1,920 pixels on the largest side and 72 dpi. All images that do not maintain the original aspect ratio of the file taken with the camera, as well as panoramic photographs, will be excluded from the contest.

3. Rules of participation

Individuals of any nationality can participate in the contest, provided that they are of legal age at the deadline for sending application forms and project drafts, which must be proved if requested. Participants must be fully empowered to transfer the intellectual property rights to their project images.

Project drafts selected in previous editions of #NaturaJazz are not eligible, nor are people who, due to their connection and/ or collaboration with the Organismo Autónomo de Museos y Centros (OAMC) of the Cabildo de Tenerife, are subject to the rules of Conflicts of Interest and Deontological Code (Conflicto de Intereses y Código Deontológico) included in the aforementioned organism’s Regulation of Organization and Functions.

Works that demonstrate non-compliance with regulations on conservation and preservation of the flora or fauna species featured in the work will be excluded from the contest.

4. Technical requirements for images in project drafts.

  • They must not include frames, watermarks, signatures or logos.
  • They must have RGB or sRGB colour space.
  • Adjustment of tone, contrast, overexposure, underexposure, sharpness, white balance, vignetting, as well as deleting particles and small cuts are allowed.
  • Images converted to grey scale (B&W) are accepted.
  • Images with selective conversions of any part are not accepted.
  • Photographs attempting to deceive the public through the use of cloning, harsh retouching techniques or those improperly representing the reality of nature will be excluded.

Images will be projected on a landscape screen, so vertical images will have a smaller projection surface.

5. Selection of projects drafts.

Each participant may send as many project drafts as he/ she wishes. Twelve (12) projects will be selected from all of the preliminary projects received, with a maximum of two (2) per author and distributed as per the following geographical classification

  • Canary Islands: five (5) projects
  • Three (3) terrestrial
  • Two (2) submarine
  • Mid-Atlantic: three (3) projects
  • One (1) of Morocco/Mauritania
  • One (1) of Senegal/The Gambia
  • One (1) of Cape Verde
  • Rest of the world: four (4) projects

A Selection Committee made up of specialized scientific and technical personnel from the OAMC, along with professional photographers, will select the project drafts on the basis of the images’  technical and aesthetic quality, as well as their uniqueness and informative value. Candidates’ anonymity will be guaranteed throughout the selection process for preliminary projects. The nomination of the Selection Committee members will be published on the website

6. Submission of complete projects.

Creators of the selected project drafts must submit their complete projects together with a brief biographical summary (between 100 and 200 characters), as requested and before the deadline indicated, by email (which will in any case be before April 10, 2018). These complete projects must include a minimum of ninety (90) and a maximum of one hundred (100) images, to be displayed at #NaturaJazz 2018. All images must be submitted in the same format and must meet the same technical requirements as those established for project draft images.

If any of the owners of the selected projects fails to submit his/her complete project before the deadline or if a project’s images do not comply with the established technical format and requirements, the Selection Committee will choose another project draft, whose creator must submit his/ her complete project as stipulated in the previous paragraph.

7. Award-winning projects and selection of images.

Once the twelve (12) complete projects are received, the procedure will be as follows:

  • The Selection Committee will choose one (1) project, that which rates highest in absolute terms, to which the OAMC will award a prize for a gross amount of one thousand euros (€1,000).
  • The OAMC will award a prize for the gross amount of five hundred euros (€500) to each of the eleven (11) remaining projects submitted.

By accepting the prize, photographers give the Selection Committee the right to choose four (4) images from the project awarded one thousand euros (€ 1,000) and two (2) images from each of the projects awarded five hundred euros (€ 500). These images must be submitted in their original format to be included in the OAMC’s image collections, for its non-exclusive use in scientific and informative activities. When accepting the prize, photographers also authorize the OAMC to display all the images in the framework of #NaturaJazz 2018, and cede all rights for their disclosure and exhibition on the day of the event. Awarded photographers commit to collaborating with and advising on the assembly of the displays.

The award-winning projects, the name and surnames of their creators and the value of the prize will be communicated to winners by email and published on the website

The value of prizes is a gross amount, and will be subject to tax withholdings and the existing legal provisions. The winning participants must provide, in due time and form, all documentation required to process payment of the prize; otherwise it will be understood that they renounce their right to collect the sum awarded.

Awarded photographers will receive a diploma that certifies their participation in #NaturaJazz 2018. The OAMC may promote their participation in the opening acts of #NaturaJazz 2018 and/ or in those of the respective display, as well as in acts of diffusion, publicity and, in general, of promotion activities for #NaturaJazz.

8. Acceptance of the rules.

Participation in the contest supposes the knowledge, understanding and complete acceptance of these rules and the decisions of the Selection Committee and the organization. Questions or doubts about the interpretation of these rules will be resolved by the Chair of the OAMC.


Participation closed.